Last Places on Earth

224 Pages
Publication: October 2004
Graphis Press

Photographer Eric Meola masterfully blends portraits and landscapes in this exploration of the disappearing beauty of various cultures, customs, ceremonies, and wildlife in remote areas of the world. An abstract look at the surviving remains of unique physical and spiritual beauty, this book features photographs taken in countries such as Burma, New Guinea, Africa, Antarctica, India, and Tibet.

"In travels from Asia to Africa to India, Meola shows us images at times lyrical, at times startling, and always perceptive and respectful of his subjects. The sequencing of images throughout the book provide fascinating juxtapositions that add greatly to the overall experience of enjoying this book. In many cases, one almost feels that Meola was invisible while photographing people in many of the remote locations he traveled to."

- Rob Atkins (author, Neon Mesa: Wonders of the Southwest)

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